LeBron James says he doesn't view Stephen Curry, Warriors as rivals

Golden State Warriors v Cleveland Cavaliers

Why don't you tell us how you really feel, LeBron? As you can probably imagine, LeBron James is just a bit tired of talking about the Golden State Warriors, but unfortunately, the All-Star Game isn't the time when people are going to stop asking about it.

This time, James was asked about whether or not he believes that he and Stephen Curry have one of the league's top rivalries. Not only did he disagree, he brutally shot that entire idea down, and did so by giving one of the most in-depth answers you'll probably ever get at an All-Star weekend interview.

Via ESPN's Chris Haynes:

I don't have a rivalry with Steph Curry. There's no way you can say, 'Let's talk about rivalries,' and you say, '[Larry] Bird and Magic. Carolina, Duke. Ohio State, Michigan,' and then say 'LeBron and Steph.'

It's disrespectful to those other three that I just named that you would even try to put us in the class with that. We haven't had enough battles, and who's to say we will have future battles. We'll see, but to put us in a category with [them], it's impossible. You can't do it.

While LeBron's argument that he and Steph's rivalry isn't quite on the same level as Bird and Magic or Carolina and Duke, they definitely still have a rivalry. More importantly, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors have built one of the most intriguing and fun to watch rivalries in the NBA. Best of all? It doesn't seem like it's going anywhere anytime soon.

So, we're sorry, LeBron, but you can't eliminate this rivalry for the fans because everyone loves it. Even if the Cavaliers and Warriors are squaring off in a midseason game, it's still going to draw in massive numbers. Now, if we're talking about a seven-game series for the NBA Finals? If fans get to witness another one of those this year, the rivalry may very well take a step to the next level.

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