Watch: Kevin Durant pretends not to hear Hannibal Buress' brutal question

NBA All-Star Game 2017 - Practice

Amidst all the fun of NBA All-Star weekend, there was also plenty of drama to be found. For most players, the weekend is more about getting away from all of that and simply enjoying a fun game of basketball and some great events.

Unfortunately for Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant, he was in the process of just trying to enjoy himself, but once again it wasn't happening. If it's not drama about former teammate and Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook, then it's something else.

This time, Durant was just minding his own business playing a basketball video game (possibly NBA 2K17?) and comedian Hannibal Buress swung on over and decided to pull a quick joke on him. Durant didn't seem to enjoy it all that much and opted to pretend like he didn't even hear him.

Via Fanly's official Twitter:

That was crazy brutal.

It's safe to assume that Buress dropped that joke due to the rumors that Durant chose to leave the Thunder in free agency for the Warriors after they lost to them in the Western Conference Finals in seven games last season.

Apparently, Buress is one of the people who believes that to be the case, or just really wanted to give Durant a hard time. Durant's reaction, though? Well, we all know you heard him, KD, we all know.

After the weekend that Durant's had from the media to the drama, it's hard to fault him for getting a bit tired of never being able to hear the end of all this.

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