What happens when you put the shortest player on FIFA 17 in goal?


On FIFA, gamers look for players with certain attributes to suit specific positions.

For example, wingers or strikers with pace can be lethal while defenders with a combination of strength and pace are vital.

But what about goalkeepers?

Well, agility is obviously vital but what about their height?

Well, Youtuber Aidrianoo has experimented and decided to put the smallest player on FIFA 17 in goal.

Striker Hirobo Nakagawa is just 5’1” tall but Aidrianoo put him between the sticks for one match for his Ultimate Team.


Aidrianoo’s opponent soon realises just how small his ‘keeper is and proceeds to shoot from 40-yards. However, Nakagawa shows a safe pair of hands and catches the ball.

But the best moment came a few minutes later when the small ‘keeper appeared to dive the wrong way when trying to save an Ahmed Must strike. Luckily for him, the shot went wide meaning Nakagawa still kept hold of his clean sheet.


However, that was ended when his short goal-kick was intercepted and he was left helpless after the opposition squared the ball for Andre Gray to score.

Aidrianoo’s side equalised in the second-half and Nakagawa keeps his side level with a magnificent one-on-one save from Musa leaving him to be dubbed “The best ‘keeper in the game.”

But, with just minutes remaining, Nakagawa was left picking the ball out of his net for the second time when Adam Lallana smashed the ball past him.

It meant the shortest player on the game was left on the losing side. Despite the scoreline, though, he can definitely hold his head high after a very respectable performance.

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