MMA fighter attempts to dance during a fight and gets instantly knocked out

As an MMA fighter, you have to convey yourself as fearless at all times.

If your opponent senses even the smallest amount of fear, you’re in big trouble.

However, during a fight probably isn’t the best moment to show off your cocky side.

Try telling that to Joe Harding.

Harding decided to do a little dance during his battle against Johan Segas.

But, after taking his eyes off his opponent to do a little shimmy, Harding gets kicked in the jaw which saw him go flying.

Harding left his head unblocked while taunting and allowed Segas to knock him down with a vicious kick. As Segas pounced with more punches, the official called the fight.   

Harding, who was competing at BCMMA 18 – an amateur level fight in England – needed medical treatment after the kick to the face but, thankfully, he was ok.

The Colchester-born fighter was clearly just trying to impress the home crowd but ended up embarrassing himself and ultimately lost the fight.

After the loss, BCMMA tweeted: “Joe Harding just danced his way to a head kick KO loss as Johan Segas connects and is now the interim 145lb champion.”

Even UFC president, Dana White, reacted to the incredible knockout by tweeting: “I hate when guys do this s*** and this is what happens when u do!!!!!”

Harding will have certainly have learned not to be so cocky during his next fight, though.

While we’ve all seen MMA fighters celebrate arrogantly after victories, rarely do we see such confident behaviour during fights – and I think we’ve just seen exactly why.

We don’t think Conor McGregor will be phoning Harding for any tips anytime soon.

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