LeBron James reflects on high school Sports Illustrated cover after 15 years

NBA All-Star Game 2017 - Practice

LeBron James prepares to make his 13th All-Star appearance Sunday night during the big mid-season exhibition in New Orleans.

15 years ago, he was a high school sensation on the cover of Sports Illustrated as a member of the St. Vincent St. Mary’s Fighting Irish in Akron, Ohio.

The cover read: “The Chosen One: High school junior LeBron James would be an NBA lottery pick right now.”

No one could have known how right the writers for the magazine would be a decade and a half later, but that young man from Northeast Ohio would go on to fulfill his promise in a major way.

The King remembered the milestone and took to Instagram for a chance to reflect on everything that this single issue set in motion for a younger version of himself.

He said: “To me I just thought it was cool and all cause the magazine was always something my boys and I would look at and read in the library every time another issue dropped but I have no idea the magnitude of being on the cover as a high school kid would bring!!”

Even the man himself couldn’t predict the long road that this single magazine feature would set him on.

His story tells itself at this point as a three-time NBA champion and one of the greatest players of this generation who came home and lifted the region to a championship.

Not too bad for a kid from Ohio, and his story isn’t even finished yet.

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