Boxers sends supportive messages to Michael Watson after horrific carjacking incident

  • Sayan Das
Michael Watson

The world of boxing came together in support of carjacking victim Michael Watson after the 51-year-old was attacked on Thursday. 

The 51-year-old, who suffered a near-fatal brain injury in a 1991 fight with Chris Eubank, was in a car with his carer when it was hit from behind.

Messages of support have poured in for the former British boxer as he was sprayed with ammonia and dragged 500 yards along the road with his car during the shocking incident. 

Watson was with carer Lennard Ballack when their car was targeted. 

The assailants attempted to pull the London native from the passenger seat but his arm was caught in the seatbelt, resulting in Watson being dragged with the vehicle as the hijackers attempted to drive away, eventually abandoning their getaway and fleeing the scene upon realising what had happened. 

Fellow boxers and friends alike were quick to offer their sympathy and support to the former Commonwealth middleweight champion on social media.

"Disgusted to hear the incident involving Michael Watson. I hope he has a speedy recovery and the people responsible are brought to justice," Olympian Luke Campbell tweeted.

Tony Bellew added: "Just heard about Michael Watson! Sad! Doesn't the horrible **** think Michael has been through enough! I hope your (sic) safe and well champ."

Curtis Woodhouse said: "Just seen the news about Michael Watson. Absolutely disgusting. What is wrong with people?? Get well soon champ"

Watson suffered burns to the skin as a consequence of the attempted theft but he and Ballack were deemed to have recovered enough to be released from hospital on Saturday. 

Ballack gave first-hand accounts of the horrific incident, saying: "The door flung open and one man went to our car and the other guy sprayed me with what I later found out was ammonia.

"I felt helpless because I was fighting for my life. Then I was hit on the head with something – I’ve got no idea what it was.

"The next thing I know was the Mercedes trying to drive away and it tried running me over. It was horrific. It was like a Western movie when the cowboy gets dragged along by a horse. He was going at least 50mph.

"It’s lucky that his (Watson's) arm was tied and he was in a seated position, because otherwise it could have been even worse.

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"With me they had used so much spray that the doctors had to fight to save my sight and washed my eyes out every hour.

"I've got a couple of fractures and bumps and bruises. When I was punching the guy - I've fractured my fist and my head is throbbing.

"Only one eye is closed now and I’m on all sorts of medication."

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