Watch: Derrick Jones Jr. had the best jam of the entire NBA Dunk Contest

Verizon Slam Dunk Contest 2017

Derrick Jones Jr. is just 20-years-old and hasn’t yet made a name for himself at the NBA level, but he proved exactly why he was invited to take part in the NBA Dunk Contest on Saturday night.

Since he’s been well-documented as an elite dunker for years on YouTube and during his one year at UNLV, the bar was set high for him, despite the fact that he is less well-known than the other competitors.

While the contest as a whole didn’t stack up to last year’s battle between Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine, one dunk in particular by Jones got everyone up out of their seats.

And it’s mind-blowing how easy it looked for him.

Check it out below.

Gathering the ball off the side of the backboard with his right hand, going between the legs, rising with his head above the rim, Jones threw it down with authority.

The result was a perfect score of 50 by the panel of judges.

Verizon Slam Dunk Contest 2017

While he didn’t win the contest in the end, he proved that he could perform under the bright lights of the NBA All-Star festivities.

He does, however, have an opportunity to learn from his mistakes in the contest.

For example, he failed to complete a dunk after trying and misfiring three times in the second round.

Instead of trying to go between his legs on the third attempt, he could have simply leaped over the people and made sure the ball went through the basket with a tomahawk, for example.

Or he could have moved the people further away from the basket and soared over them for a higher-percentage dunk with a high degree of difficulty, which is something that he’s proven to be able to do in the past.

As one of the most explosive leapers in the NBA, Jones will probably have many more opportunities to wow fans in the competition in years to come.

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