MMA referee completely misses cheap shot leading to submission

MMA’s stranger outlets play home to some of the most unconventional tactics and bouts that fans of the sport will come across while looking for a good match to take in.

The competitors in these other promotions aren’t the only ones who lack the experience on display in bigger promotions like the UFC, sometimes the referees are guilty as well.

On Saturday night an official completely missed a dirty tactic by Jason Ramesh Solomon against Satinder Bankura in their match.

Both fighters were grappling on the ground, with Solomon having the upper hand in his position up top, when the position of both competitors shifted.

What followed was one of the strangest sequences in recent memory as Solomon tried to lock in a rear naked choke but needed to land a shot below the belt to get there.

Bankura was clearly reeling from the strike to his nether regions, but the referee never even saw it happening.

After that, it was already too late as the choke was locked in and there was no way the official was ever going to restart the match after how quickly it unraveled.

If the ref were to have noticed, then Solomon would have been issued a warning, but he got away completely free and now has a win on his record to show for it.

He might have to be careful going forward because the other fighter will not be too kind to him once word and footage of his win start to make the rounds.

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