Paul Pierce's excellent plan to fix the NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Los Angeles Clippers Media Day

The 2017 NBA Slam Dunk Contest did not live up to the expectation that many players and fans hoped it would be after a very promising competition the year before.

Following the epic duel between Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon in the 2016 final, this year's contest simply did not match up, leaving several fans and players in attendance and watching at home disappointed.

Something must change in order for the Slam Dunk Contest to remain successful, otherwise, we may quickly find the contest being canceled once more like it was during the 1998 and 1999 seasons. Paul Pierce, however, may have the answer to our problems.

Like many of us, the Los Angeles Clippers star was watching the Slam Dunk Contest, and like many of us, he was left feeling disappointed by the end of it. His answer to solve this problem though is very simple.

Speaking on his Twitter account, he tweeted: "We need to take away the props in the dunk contest make it real again #truecreativity"

This is a motion many NBA players and fans could probably get behind, and he probably wasn't the only one thinking this whilst watching the Slam Dunk Contest on Saturday night, after we saw the usage of drones to the music of Star Wars and players jumping over mascots and cheerleaders to achieve their dunks.

Many people believed the best dunk of the night didn't actually come from the eventual winner, Glenn Robinson III of the Indiana Pacers, but from Derrick Jones Jr. of the Phoenix Suns, who used very little props in arguably his best dunk.

Catching a pass off the side of the backboard from his Suns teammate Devin Booker, the 20-year-old transferred the ball between his legs before brutally slamming it through the hoop. Very little props were used. No DJ's or drones. Just a pass from a teammate.

Maybe the Slam Dunk Contest needs to revert back to this kinesthetically-pleasing style of dunking in order to keep fans intrigued every year and the contest alive moving forward.

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