Twitter thinks Paul Scholes hates Robbie Savage after awkward moment on live TV

  • Rob Swan

Paul Scholes has the air of a man who doesn’t tolerate fools easily.

So it’s no surprise there have been several awkward instances involving the Manchester United legend and Robbie Savage on BT Sport.

Scholes was on punditry duty at Ewood Park on Sunday as United went head-to-head with Blackburn Rovers in the FA Cup fifth round and there was one very awkward moment between the two colleagues after the match.

Scholes comes across as someone who finds it difficult to humour people he finds either unfunny or irritating.

And it would appear that, at least in Scholes’s eyes, Savage falls into both categories.

Scholes was asked if United could win three trophies

Jake Humphrey, BT Sports’ lead presenter, asked Scholes if United could finish the season with three trophies: the EFL Cup, the FA Cup and the Europa League.

“They could Jake, yeah, let’s hope they do,” the 42-year-old responded. “They’re teetering on that, they’ve got a big game next week in the [EFL Cup] final, you’d have to fancy them to win that. I think Southampton are a decent team, don’t get me wrong, but you’d have to fancy them.


“Europa League [there are], what, eight games left to get to the final?

“FA Cup there’s still big teams like [Manchester] City and obviously Chelsea and Arsenal.

“They’re on the verge of a really good season but it could go one way or the other.”

Savage: United might finish the season with nothing

Savage then chirped up with the following comment: “They could not win anything and finish sixth, such fine margins in football, eh?”


Scholes then took a dig at Savage

Scholes turned away and smiled at this point before turned to his co-pundit and issuing a cheeky dig: “You’ve never finished sixth, have ya?”


Savage's response seemed to win Scholes up even more

Savage then responded: “Yeah, once! Once!”


Video: Scholes owns Savage

Skip to 3.03 in the video...

Reaction on Twitter

Scholes’ reaction to his colleague’s retort said it all and viewers took to Twitter to express their belief that the former United midfielder secretly hates Savage.

Scholes called Savage a 'Kn**head' in 2015

This isn’t the first time that Scholes and Savage have been involved in an awkward exchange of ‘banter’ on live TV.

Back in 2015, BT Sport host Darren Fletcher was forced to apologise after Scholes was caught calling Savage a ‘Kn**head’ under his breath.

To be fair, Savage has been called a lot worse.

And there was this cringeworthy moment last month

And last month, Scholes’ face was an absolute picture as Humphrey and Savage exchanged some clothes-related banter while on the touchline at Old Trafford.

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