Jack Butland responds on Twitter after FIFA 17 player tries to troll him

  • Rob Swan
Stoke City v Aston Villa - Premier League

Shortly after FIFA 17 was released back in September, one disgruntled player took to Reddit to moan about Jack Butland.

Not because the Stoke City and England goalkeeper was making mistakes in the game, but because he was impossible to score past.

“I’m so sick of playing against Jack Butland every second game!” moaned the player. “He is so good it’s stupid. Is anyone else struggling against him?”

Other FIFA 17 players then spoke up with similar complaints.

“Play him almost every game and it’s making me sick,” wrote one player.

While another said: “Every fan [Premier League] team has him and it’s making me salty”.

Butland's stats are pretty good - but not incredible

Butland’s stats are pretty decent but they don’t look strong enough to make him one of the best goalkeepers in the game…


(Via Futhead.com)

FIFA 17 player attempts to troll Butland on Twitter

However, five months after FIFA 17 was released and players are still struggling to find a way past Butland.

One Twitter user vented his anger towards the 23-year-old by sending the following tweet: “Can i ask why your so over powered in game? It's starting to f***ng piss me off thanks! #FUT”

But Butland had the perfect response: “now you know how strikers feel 😂 maybe you need to work on your finishing pal 👌🏼“.


People on Twitter loved his response

His followers loved the sassy response…

Even the FIFA player who sent the initial tweet had to hold his hands up...

Video shows what Butland is capable of

If you don’t play FIFA 17, or haven’t seen Butland on the game, this video shows he’s capable of pulling off some mad saves…

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