Watch: Kyrie Irving purposely passed to opponent Steph Curry in All-Star Game


Kyrie Irving did his part in putting on a show at the 2017 NBA All-Star Game.

With 22 points, seven rebounds and 14 assists in the game, he made a few highlight-worthy plays.

Based on his skill set, Irving is mainly known for his slick handles and incredible long-range shooting touch, but it was his willingness to drop dimes that made his All-Star performance memorable.

The first pass that got people talking was a long ally-oop to teammate LeBron James.

You can check that out below.

While defense as a whole was lacking, Irving delivered a spot-on dime.

But, the pass that was the most highlight-worthy didn’t result in an assist.

With just 0.3 seconds to go in the first half after the East scored, Irving inbounded the ball for the wrong team. Check out the footage below.

Only in the All-Star Game.

The refs didn’t even bother.

NBA All-Star Game 2017

What was evident was that the relationship between Irving and Steph Curry, who he passed the ball to in the video above, is solid. At many times in the game, the two shared laughter.

If the Cavaliers and Warriors square off in the NBA Finals again, you have to assume that the inbounds pass will be revisited and replayed in advance.

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