Magic Johnson could cause Lakers changes with performance reviews coming

Magic Johnson is preparing to put the Los Angeles Lakers’ front office under a microscope, and that could be the biggest signal yet that change is coming. 

Johnson, in his new special advisory role to team owner Jeanie Buss, plans on reviewing the performance of both President of Basketball Operations Jim Buss and General Manager Mitch Kupchak, according to a report from Kevin Ding of Bleacher Report.

The Lakers have endured franchise-low after franchise-low over the last few seasons, leading to speculation that the Buss family could be ready for a front office shift. 

Johnson will speak with Jim Buss and Kupchak in regards to the Lakers’ fall from grace, seeking answers and accountability from a front office that has failed to create a competitive team. 

The result of that conversation could be the next step in the process of replacing Kupchak and Buss, according to Ding:

As team president Jeanie Buss’ new adviser, Johnson is meeting with Buss and general manager Kupchak on Monday to review their job performance. It is likely a significant step toward replacing both men in charge of basketball operations come April.

But as team president Jeanie Buss’ new adviser, Johnson first wants to see if Jim Buss and Kupchak have any answers for the mishaps that have led to four of the worst seasons in franchise history.

Johnson’s new role with the Lakers was a surprise addition in the middle of the season, but comes at a critical time. This allowed him the opportunity to observe how the front office operates with the NBA trade deadline on the horizon. 

The inner-workings of any front office differ, but Kupchak and Buss have presented themselves as hand-in-hand through every step of the way.

The two have swung for the fences and have mostly grounded out since the Lakers’ last title in 2010. 

The vetoed Chris Paul trade stands as the starting point for most discussions regarding the Lakers’ front office failed moves, even if it was out of their control. The failed Dwight Howard trade is the largest blemish on their record together, however. 

Jim Buss placed a deadline on himself that the Lakers would be in the Western Conference finals this season, but the franchise is one loss away from having the worst record in the West. Now, it appears steps are being taken to hold him to his word. 

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