Tony Bellew explains what he's tempted to do to David Haye before the fight


It’s almost time for the constant trading of insults to stop and for the trading of punches to begin.

David Haye and Tony Bellew are edging towards their battle at the O2 on March 4 but they continue to abuse each other verbally ahead of the highly-anticipated clash.

But it’s not verbally that the two have clashed ahead of the fight.

The pair appear to have a genuine hatred for each other and that was identified when they last met back in November.

As the two Brits went head-to-head, Haye landed a punch on Bellew leaving the Liverpudlian fuming as they had to be separated by security.

And Bellew won’t hesitate in getting his revenge on Haye when they meet once again on Monday in Liverpool ahead of the fight.

Bellew's plan for Haye

“We’ve got plans for him on Monday. He’s coming to my backyard. It will be tasty,” Bellew said.

“If he gets close to me and twitches in any way, I’ll be the first one to smack his f****** face.

“I don’t give a f*** if the fight gets called off. If he gets close, I don’t care about nothing.

“My first rule of boxing is to get home safe. If he wants to put that in jeopardy away from the ring, that’s what will happen.

“I’ve never hit anyone at a press conference, but I will not be second this time.

“He's 1-0 up at the minute. That's how I look at it. He got the cheap shot in.

"If he steps towards me again, trust me, I will be first."


But Haye’s punch isn’t the only thing that has got Bellew wound up. Haye has previously said that he’s going to put his opponent in hospital and, this week, claimed he will be “stretchered out of the ring”.

And the current WBC cruiserweight champion can’t quite believe the words coming out of Haye’s mouth ahead of the bout.

“I think those comments are absolutely disgusting,” Bellew added.

“He's a piece of s***, that's what I think he is. He has no morals. We've had enough bad things happen in our sport of late without this sort of talk.


“This is why I've deleted my son off social media. My kids don't need to be seeing s*** like that. I only hope for David Haye to go to sleep for ten seconds and then wake up.

“But this helmet is talking about sending me to hospital."

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