3 things Magic Johnson must immediately do to Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers made a drastic change on Tuesday by putting former player Magic Johnson in charge of the team. The move is one that was somewhat expected but still took the NBA world by storm.

With Johnson now calling the shots for the Lakers, there’s a good chance that fans can expect to see quite a few changes. But those changes, not all of them should come immediately. So, let’s take a look at three key things that Johnson should do right out of the gate with his new-found control in the front office.

As you could probably guess, it all begins with bringing back the Black Mamba in some form or fashion.

Hire Kobe Bryant in some role

Bryant is a proven winner, and he could bring the same mindset he had during his playing career to the team in a front-office role. This would be excellent to see and watching him pair up his winning mentality with that of Johnson’s could be special. To go along with that, Kevin Ding of Bleacher Report is hearing rumors that Rob Pelinka, Kobe’s longtime agent, could be the team’s next general manager.

Both former greats know what to look for in players, and putting their minds together could help them to make great moves before the trade deadline, but specifically in the offseason and in the years to come.

Think about the future, not the present

If Johnson comes in and gets so focused on trying to turn things around fast, it’s only going to result in disaster for the Lakers. This is a team who has solid pieces for a bright future, and blowing up the roster at this point would make no sense. Los Angeles has eight players who are 25 years old or younger, and seven of those eight have proven to be deserving of serious playing time.

There’s a lot of temptation out there, but the team choosing to trade 2-3 of these young players for an expiring contract with the hopes of re-signing him would be a bad move. Just continue to rebuild and trust the process.

Try to land a first-round draft pick before trade deadline

The Lakers are going to lose their first round pick unless it falls inside of the top three. While it’s very possible that could happen, the team should still look to add another pick if they can. Unfortunately, they signed both Luol Deng and Timofey Mozgov to terrible contracts, and are unlikely to be able to move them (and definitely not for first round picks).

Instead, the Lakers should consider moving a player who they likely won’t re-sign or who has a good-sized cap hit and picking up another pick. The 2017 NFL draft is massively deep, and they need to take advantage.

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