Watch: Hilarious Jerry Lawler blooper makes final cut of WWE 2K

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The WWE 2K series has definitely raised the bar each and every year since the 2K Sports studio has taken over the leading wrestling franchises' video game presence.

Still, even in video games, gaffes happen. That's apparently the case for WWE 2K17, which features 

Jerry Lawler has been the voice of WWE for decades, and while fans have often criticized his announcing on live shows, things get taken to a whole new level when his video game persona botches a line. 

The Godfather was one of the most iconic wrestlers of the Attitude era, who also happened to be Papa Shango in a previous wrestling life with WWE. Lawler and Michael Cole stroll down memory lane during a match pitting the alter egos against each other.

Then things get strange. 

The Godfather would become The Goodfather later on in his career, retiring his pimp gimmick to fit in with the Right to Censor stable. Lawler completely botches the line in WWE 2K, and the whole process is there for the listening, as found by @Kungfu_Grip on Twitter:

For whatever reason the entire process of fixing the line makes the final cut of the game. There's certainly endless hours of audio that is edited into WWE 2K, but this is a pretty obvious mistake that survived the cutting room floor.

He cuts out of his line shortly after, but you can hear the conversation between Lawler and the 2K Studio team play out in the game. 

Accidental mistake, or extra realism in the game? You decide!

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