Pitch invader gives hilarious reaction to getting Kevin De Bruyne's shirt


Of all the talking points during Manchester City's stunning 5-3 victory over Monaco on Tuesday night, there was something after the final whistle that threatened to go unnoticed.

The Belgian international ran himself into the ground against the Ligue 1 side and can now reflect on the performance and look forward to the upcoming return leg.

This past week, though, has seen a number of pitch invaders welcome themselves onto the field of play, but this latest example is the best one yet.

On Sunday a youngster had to be escorted back to his seat by Ashley Young as Manchester United squeezed past Blackburn Rovers in the FA Cup, and then a man in a funny hat jumped on the pitch at Sutton as they took on Arsenal.

But this one entered the playing arena with a purpose, and (almost) came away with what he went on for.

As De Bruyne made his way off the pitch at the full time whistle, a man managed to confront the 25-year-old, hug him and successfully come away with his shirt.

But he had to make a quick getaway as he noticed the stewards closing in to take him away, something which the player himself noticed as he started to walk off.

So he did what anyone would have done – he ran!

However, while en route to wherever he was going, he dropped his shirt before doing a full knee slide in front of the cheering fans.

You can imagine what happened next as the stewards all piled on top of him and carried him away.

The video was captured by someone in the stands, who seemed to be absolutely loving the guy's antics.

What happened next is anyone's guess, but it sure is funny. We just hope they took it easy on him.

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