The Usos dropped an incredible promo on SmackDown Live last night

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On SmackDown Tuesday night, The Usos sent a message to American Alpha that they were absolutely coming for their shot at the tag team titles.

The tag team is no strangers to making bold predictions in the ring and this week’s show was no different as they sent a message to their competition with a stand out promo in front of the capacity crowd.

Listing everything the younger team would do after they would leave the arena, The Usos said that their lingering fear wouldn’t be paranoia, but them lurking instead.

Later on Talking Smack, the team clarified their larger feelings about Alpha being “young bucks” that don’t know everything.

Respect is huge in the locker room and Jimmy and Jey are demanding that they get some as they look to regain the tag team belts.

It won’t be easy as American Alpha has been well received by fans and even got some praise from Kurt Angle recently.

The brothers are undeterred and great promos like the one this week will only help their cause at getting that shot at another run atop the tag division on SmackDown.

In the past, Vince McMahon has been reported to be lukewarm on the Uso brothers’ act, but great moments like this on camera will change that hopefully.

Alpha as a foil and rivalry also makes for a better product on screen for all parties involved in this budding feud.

WWE will have to decide if they are going to give this matchup the push necessary for it to succeed or wait for a better opportunity to make use of the outspoken tag team contenders.

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