The trick to scoring free-kicks in FIFA 17 when opponents have a defender on the line


When it comes to FIFA 17, there are plenty of hacks and tricks of the trade that can give players some advantages over their peers.

In just the past few months, we've seen theories on how to know if a pack is worth opening in FUT, how to create a team full of literal giants and who the fastest player on the game truly is.

But, sometimes, there are nice little techniques to pick up on the actual gameplay, too.

Reddit is a kind source to plenty of FIFA 17 players, and one user has given his advice on how to score free-kicks when your opponent has a player on the line.

We've all done it. When you concede a free-kick online or even against the AI, you rush back to the goal line to prevent the inevitable worldie into the top bins.

Well now, you can sit on the other side of the fence and make sure nobody can do that to you.

User Pemoniz posted a video showing the technique that is simple to follow and easy to execute.

He wrote: "Remember, if the opponents puts a player on the line, call a 2nd free kick taker and do a fake shot with him. The AI will get the defender off the line."

And how do you do it?

"Fake shot (Shoot+pass)+ hold button you used to call the 2nd free kick taker."


And it is as simple as that. As the video shows, once the first player steps over the free kick and runs into the box, the player on the line will automatically leave his post and move to mark the incoming player. Genius stuff.

Plenty of Reddit users have been appreciative of the advice and it appears that it genuinely works, as if the video evidence wasn't enough.

Carigma posted: "I've never thought about this. This makes a lot of sense," while LeonTablet wrote: "Omg this is brilliant, I didn't know this thanks a lot. Have some karma."

While Rudejim - yes, you read correctly - went as far as to say: "Genius! Just used this to score a 90' winner in my first game since reading this!"

The days of your stunning free-kicks being thwarted on the line are over - so get scoring!

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