Enzo Amore makes glaring mistake during match on Monday Night RAW

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2017 has already seen almost two months go by and Enzo Amore is still working his way back into regular WWE action in a new year.

Earlier this year, he was sidelined by an injury despite performing at a couple of house shows during rehab and showcasing his tag skills.

The Realest Guy in the Room is starting to round back into form and appeared on RAW this week as he and Big Cass faced off against Sheamus and Cesaro in a number one contenders match.

Things seemed to be going good for the superstar on the mend until Cesaro went to toss Amore over the top rope and didn’t quite get the reaction he was hoping for.

Instead of vaulting clear over the top rope, Enzo shuffled his feet and then threw himself over the rope with a delayed reaction that undoubtedly caused some confusion during the course of that match.

This moment could be a case of some rust that still needs to be knocked off before one half of the Certified G’s is back to top physical condition or a tentativeness to re-injure that leg.

Whatever the case may be, fans hope that the tag team can be reunited as the tag division for WWE’s flagship program has sagged in recent months without a true challenger for the New Day.

Amore has always been one of the more colorful characters on the RAW roster and his place has been sorely missed, hopefully he can clean some of these moments up because the WWE tag division is better with him around.

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