Tony Ferguson explains his 'McNuggets' nickname for Conor McGregor

Though Tony Ferguson has a huge interim lightweight title fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 209 next weekend, he’s still fielding his fair share of questions about star fighter Conor McGregor.

McGregor may be focusing on landing a boxing match against legend Floyd Mayweather, but he’s still an ever-present force on the UFC circuit – even without having a set date for his next fight.

However, Ferguson can’t afford to get distracted by someone who he might eventually fight – not when he has such an important bout ahead of him.

Still, Ferguson, who sports a 22-3 career record, took the time to explain to ESPN why he calls McGregor “McNuggets” and why he thinks the Irish star has gone soft:

“Money made McGregor soft,” Ferguson said. “I say ‘McNuggets,’ because he’s made of that fake s—, that pink stuff from McDonalds that nobody wants.”

Ferguson added that taking so much time off from the UFC octagon will make McGregor an easier target for whoever does end up fighting him next.

Though the media understandably keeps asking Ferguson about McGregor, Ferguson knows he can’t overlook Nurmagomedov and his unblemished record:

“Do I get a little pissed [I’m asked about him]? Yeah, I get a little heated,” he said. “But the real belt is between myself and Khabib. He’s 24-0. Dude, I forget how many wins I have. I don’t even care anymore. Those numbers keep racking up.”

Whoever wins next weekend’s interim lightweight title fight, one thing is for sure — he can expect an increase in McGregor-related questions over the coming months.

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