David Haye wants to prevent fight with Tony Bellew at Monday's press conference


In nine days' time, words will mean nothing.

David Haye takes on Tony Bellew at the O2 Arena on March 4 and, following all their pre-fight tussles and arguments, a bout of epic proportions is expected.

Both boxers seem ready to rip the other's head off having clashed on multiple occasions over the past couple of months.

Indeed, in a press conference shortly after their fight was announced, Haye sparked a mass brawl after landing a left hook on Bellew.

The Liverpudlian is now threatening to do the same if Haye tries anything silly in their presser on Monday.

"We've got plans for him on Monday," he said. "He's coming to my backyard. It will be tasty. If he gets close to me and twitches in any way, I'll be the first one to smack his f****** face.

"I don't give a f*** if the fight gets called off. If he gets close, I don't care about nothing."

Bellew has clearly had enough of Haye's behaviour, especially so after the former world heavyweight champion threatened to put him in hospital.

But Haye is ready for whatever his opponent has prepared for him on Monday. In quotes relayed by The Sun, the 36-year-old anticipates Bellew will try pushing or punching him.

David Haye Press Conference

What's most interesting is Haye actually wants measures to be put in place to stop himself and Bellew from getting at each other, because he doesn't want the fight to be called off at such a late stage.

"There needs to be some protection between us and a human being is not protection enough," he said. "The fence worked for the Dereck Chisora fight.

"I'd love to have confidence that he will keep his hands to himself but I don't have any confidence in him. I don't have any confidence in his mental state.


"Even if we did come close he is not quick enough to hit me.

"It getting called off this late would be an absolute nightmare. Imagine both of us being in great shape, both of us ready to fight then he pushes me and I react and then it is messy."

Just for context, Haye and Chisora had a fence put between them in a press conference five years ago to prevent a repeat of their violent presser five months previously.

While Haye wants Bellew to behave and preserve their fight, he's more than happy to scrap if he has to. A fence is definitely needed.

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