Ian Poulter reveals how Arnold Palmer saved the day after his wife lost invaluable keepsake

Omega Dubai Desert Classic - Day Four

Ian Poulter has spoken out about how his wife's embarrassing mishap caused the golfer to pay his late friend Arnold Palmer a visit in order to save her blushes.

Poulter has revealed how his wife unknowingly spent a $100 bill which was signed by the late great golf legend.

Palmer's death last September was particularly harrowing for Poulter, who he had grew fond of over his years in the sport.

Poulter's friendship with Palmer was one which led them both down the path of becoming ambassadors for MasterCard.

When asked about his memory of his friend, he said: “He signed $100 bill which my wife actually spent one time; I had to get another one done It was in the safe. She didn't realise it was actually signed by Arnie, so it's out there somewhere.

“I have no idea what she did with it. Not a clue. It was probably in Publix to be honest. She probably went to get some groceries.

"But it was shock horror when I actually did go in there to put it in the frame. You can imagine what I said: "Where has the $10 bill gone?" She says: 'I don't know. I must have spent it'."

However, Poulter spared his wife's blushes when he managed to get a replacement for the note, albeit leaving the whereabouts of the original note shrouded in mystery.

“I phoned up and I said: "I'm really sorry, but is there any chance I could pop in and get Arnie to sign another hundred.

Omega Dubai Desert Classic - Day Four

"Of course. Of course, Ian. I drove to his office and he signed another hundred. I did tell him it was lost. But I didn't sell it!”

With Palmer's signed note presumably being circulated between hands all across the continent, the chances of it ending up in the hands of a golf fan remain slim, with most unknowingly paying for their daily groceries with a note worth much more than it may seem.

Next up for Poulter is the Honda Classic this week, with the Brit aiming to make US$320,000 from from seven events to keep his exempt status for 2018. 

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