Celtics making last-gasp attempt to land All-Star trade

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The Boston Celtics are digging deep in the final hours leading up to the NBA trade deadline, moving their eyes to landing a superstar not named Jimmy Butler. 

The Celtics have been linked to both Butler and Paul George with the deadline approaching, working to land a franchise talent to go with Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford. 

Talks with the Bulls have simmered down, but with the Celtics focusing on George, the conversation is starting to look a bit more serious, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports.

The Celtics have brought one of the first-round picks they own from the Brooklyn Nets into the mix, one of the most important pieces that Indiana is interested in should they move their star player. 

Those picks hold great value because of how poorly the Nets have performed, making them likely to land high in the draft lottery,

Boston has steadily collected assets over the years. General manager Danny Ainge has been angling Boston to turn all of the wheeling and dealing he's helmed over the years into a star player as the franchise ramps up to become a contender.

George is one of the NBA's premiere perimeter players and would be a huge upgrade in the wings for Boston. It's unclear what other players Indiana would seek to go with either the Nets' 2017 first-round pick or '18 first round, but there are plenty of options to consider.

Trade discussions around getting Butler to Boston hinged on the inclusion of Jae Crowder, which the Celtics weren't interested in. The asking price for George may be different.

Boston may balk at paying too much for George, though, who reportedly has his eyes on potentially signing with his hometown team in the Los Angeles Lakers when he can become a free agent in 2018. 

Trading a blockbuster package only for their return to walk away as a free agent would be a huge blow for Boston, but rolling the dice and finally turning years of asset-gathering into a tangible star could help put the Celtics over the top in the Eastern Conference. 

Should Boston finally go all-in to get their star player, or should they hold on and continue playing it safe? Let us know in the comments!

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