Watch: NFL's Todd Gurley shows off epic crossover move in pickup basketball game

St Louis Rams v Arizona Cardinals

After wowing the entire NFL during his rookie campaign in 2015, Todd Gurley had an underwhelming sophomore campaign for the Los Angeles Rams.

Posting just 885 yards on 3.2 yards per carry along with six touchdowns, Gurley was a product of one of the worst offenses in the NFL and will be looking to seek revenge in 2017.

More than anything, he will try to establish himself as an explosive back with an ability to not only run over defenders, but also explode through the hole and extend plays downfield. For whatever reason, he didn’t appear as the same athlete on the field in 2016.

As one of the key members of the Rams rebuild, his progression is paramount to the future success of the team.

This offseason, Gurley has spent some of his time working out on the basketball court.

Just like you or I, Gurley was recently seen playing a casual game of pick-up ball in a local gym, but what he did to a poor opposing defender went viral.

Check out his sick, ankle-breaking crossover below.

The defender had no chance, as Gurley easily got by and finished an uncontested left-handed layup.

The best part of the entire video was the defender’s reaction, seemingly blaming the court for his lack of defensive skills.

This is what happens when an NFL athlete hangs out with normal dudes.

While the video above is entertaining, Rams fans are probably a little fed up that Gurley is doing anything but spending every waking moment on the gridiron in preparation of the team’s upcoming season in Los Angeles.

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