David Haye's trainer explains why he went to Miami to prepare for Tony Bellew fight


We’re just days away from David Haye’s highly-anticipated heavyweight fight against Tony Bellew.

The pair will meet at the O2 Arena on March 4 in what is sure to attract a wide audience. If the fight itself is as fascinating as the build up, then we’re in for a treat.

Haye issued another warning to Bellew today. In the 36-year-old’s eyes, there’s only one way the fight will end - with him knocking Bellew out.

"I'm throwing three, four, five-punch combinations and he wouldn't be able to take one of those," Haye told Sky Sports.

"I'm looking at hitting him, knocking him out, and hitting him as he's going down.

"We're practicing hitting a falling target. You're not allowed to hit someone on the floor but, if they're falling, you can hit them.

"I really want a slo-mo, show-reel knockout. I don't want him to quit on his stool, or go down with a body shot. I wouldn't be happy with that."


Haye's training in Miami

Haye decided to head to Miami to train for his first fight since May, a decision that bemused Bellew.

"While he is posing in the sun, I am grafting in the cold, but it is what it is, we will see,” the WBC cruiserweight champion said, via the Mirror.

Why Haye went to Miami

Now Haye’s trainer, Shane McGuigan, has shed some light on the former heavyweight champion’s decision to fly Stateside.

According to McGuigan, Haye felt comfortable in Florida.

"His yacht was obviously a luxury but David has been around luxury all of his professional career so that's been nothing different," McGuigan told Sky Sports.

"If Bellew reads into that then he'll be in for a big fright on fight night. David's in fantastic shape. When's he's happy, he's training well.

"That's why we went to Miami, to make sure he's happy. He had no distractions and it's easy to lead a healthy life in Miami. His eating was good and he was training well."

We’ll have to wait until next Saturday to see whether Haye’s training in Miami was worth it.

David Haye Feature

Who will win on March 4: Haye or Bellew? Let us know in the comments section below!

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