Gary Lineker explains what he did after discovering Claudio Ranieri had been sacked

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Gary Lineker is one of Leicester City's biggest fans.

Having been born in the city, graduated from their academy and played almost 200 league matches for them - scoring 95 goals - Lineker is a die-hard Leicester supporter.

He had every right to be absolutely delighted when his beloved team pulled off the 5000/1 feat of winning the Premier League last season - even if it did mean he had to present Match of the Day in his underwear after losing a bet.

And he also had every right to voice his anger when his club sacked title-winning manager Claudio Ranieri just nine months after one of the greatest stories in football history.

Lineker wrote two tweets immediately after he heard that Ranieri had been sacked which read: “Claudio Ranieri? Sacked? Really? Dilly Ding Dilly Game's Gone,” followed by “After all that Claudio Ranieri has done for Leicester City, to sack him now is inexplicable, unforgivable and gut-wrenchingly sad.”

Every football fan took Ranieri to their hearts last season with the happy-go-lucky Italian becoming one of those people you simply can’t hate.

While all neutral fans reacted with a tinge of sadness, spare a thought for how the Leicester fans must have felt when they heard the news.

And there would have, no doubt, been plenty of supporters that did exactly what Lineker did.


What Lineker did

Other than these two tweets, the former striker admitted that he cried after hearing the news of Ranieri’s departure.

“I shed a tear last night - I shed a tear for Claudio, I shed a tear football and I shed a tear for my club,” he told BBC Radio 4, per the Mirror.

"It is inexplicable to me, it's inexplicable to a lot football fans who love the game and I suppose you can explain it in terms of a panic decision and for me a wrong decision and it is very sad."

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And the TV presenter can’t quite believe the decision the owners have made.

"It's a sign of modern football, what happened last season was truly extraordinary, " he added. "The lack of gratitude from the owners of the club and who knows who else involved in such a decision beggars belief.

"That season will remain with us forever, it was truly special and a lot of that was down to the management.

"The same guy cannot be considered incapable of doing the job a few months months later after achieving what, for me, was the biggest miracle in sport."

Leicester City v Everton - Premier League

But Lineker and the rest of the Leicester fans will have to wipe away the tears and support their club for the remainder of the season.

They are currently one point and one position above the drop zone and are trailing 2-1 after their first-leg of their last-16 Champions League tie against Sevilla.

Whoever comes in will have an impossible task of achieving what Ranieri did but, for now, they just need to preserve their Premier League status.

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