Video shows the Maracana stadium's sad decline since the 2016 Olympics


Almost three years on from the 2014 World Cup and the Maracana stadium is barely recognisable.

While it was also used for last year's Rio Olympics, the €372 million spent to renovate the arena seems like a complete waste given its current condition.

Images have emerged over the past couple of months of the Maracana in ruins, with seats ripped out, televisions stolen and the pitch an unhealthy shade of yellow.

But despite its decrepit condition, the stadium is due to reopen on March 8 for a game between Flamengo and San Lorenzo.

According to ESPN, a political dispute over €1 million's worth of unpaid electricity bills has settled after the stadium's operator paid 1.3 million reels (€430,000).

Negotiations are still under way over the remaining €600,000 but, for now, the iconic Marcana is available for use once again.

But there's a lot of work to be done. A video, per Bleacher Report, has surfaced showing the sheer neglect the Maracana has received since the 2016 Rio Olympics.


In stark contrast to the vibrant atmosphere and colours it generated last summer, the arena lacks any character and is in dire need of some TLC.

Work is said to be underway to get the Maracana up to scratch for March 8 but judging by the footage below, that's a longshot.

It's a shame to see the Maracana in such a state given it's hosted some spectacular events down the years, including the 1950 World Cup.

But considering Rio 2016 officials still owe millions to companies who helped prepare the Olympics and Paralympics, it seems unlikely it'll ever be restored to its former glory.

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