Chris Eubank Sr shocks boxing world with latest tweet

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It seems surreal that 50-year-old Chris Eubank Sr is ready to climb back in the ring for one last time, claiming that it was his son Chris Eubank Jr that inspired him after he took the IBO world super-weight title.

And his potential rival upon his return seems to be Nigel Benn, who has teased and toyed with him in the past.

Eubank Sr has voiced his intentions on twitter, saying: “Now my son is champion of the world, it’s inspired me to have one last fight for the excitement that comes with risk.”

He and Benn have traded insults for a prolonged period of time, during which 53-year-old Benn has called his bitter rival out.

And the jibes have not stopped, with Benn quoted as saying: “I’m just waiting for him to sign, instead he’s talking a load of old gobbledegook as usual.

“If Eddie Hearn was to come up to me and say we can get it done tomorrow, done. Let’s fight.”

The signals are clear and Benn is done waiting, but will Eubank Sr finally put the money where his mouth is and own up to the challenge? Or is it another case of “gobbledegook” as usual?

Fans of the sport would surely relish the bout to see which of the two stalwarts emerges victor in a period way past their time.

During his career, that started way back in 1985, Eubank picked up 45 wins, but lost four out of his last six professional bouts, including the double header against Carl Thompson back in 1998.

However, he was unbeaten in his first 43 fights, winning 41 of them.

As for Benn, he had 48 professional fights, winning 42 of them, losing five of them, and drawing the lone one.

He went 22 fights unbeaten to start his career, but then eventually lost to Michael Watson in 1989. He also lost his last three professional bouts, with two of them being against Irish boxer Steve Collins.

Who would win should this contest take place? Have your say in the comments section below.

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