Video: David Haye loses it over Tony Bellew on Soccer AM


David Haye appeared to trash-talk Tony Bellow very publicly while making a guest appearance on the Soccer AM sofa earlier this morning (Saturday).

Much to the visible bemusement of the hosts - and an awkwardly placed Djibril Cisse - Haye went off on an quite extraordinary rant about his upcoming opponent Bellew.

Responding to a comment made about Bellew filming with Soccer AM earlier, Haye stole the limelight for the best part of a minute.

"Isn't he an idiot? How annoying is that guy?" Haye first prompted, before mimicking Bellew's voice and pounding his fist into the palm of his hand angrily.

"I've never had a fight where I've really wanted to cave someone's skull in like this, ever." At this point, it was clear that TV gold was being crafted right before the Soccer AM crew's eyes, as the camera honed in up close on Haye to document the moment.

Haye then gave an insight into how this fight was different to any other.

"Normally you wanna knock him out and it's quite satisfying to see him knocked out.

"But I really wanna just damage this guy, serious."

With the hosts utterly baffled and left speechless by Haye's outburst - and Cisse laughing awkwardly along with the boxer's rant - Haye then upped the ante by bringing the very integrity of himself as a professional sportsman into dispute.

"And I'm gonna get paid for it as well!

"We live in a world where you beat the hell out of a really annoying person and get loads for it."

It remains to be seen whether there will be some form of punishment or ratification for Haye's very public outburst, but whether it was simply a PR move or not, this undoubtedly raises the stakes for Haye's bout with Bellew on 4th March.

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