Shaquille O’Neal responds to Kevin Durant’s defense of Javale McGee

JaVale McGee has the been the subject of many jokes in NBA circles because of his lapses in judgement as a young player.

That reputation has grown in large part due to Shaquille O’Neal’s Shaqtin’ A Fool segment on Turner’s basketball programming.

On Friday, that cycle of fun teasing escalated beyond just simple Twitter jokes as Shaq featured a Doctor Strange parody about McGee’s play that led to a full on war of words on social media.

Kevin Durant even leaped into the fray and dressed down the Hall of Famer in the media while defending his teammate, going so far as to say The Diesel played with no skill and was just bigger, faster and stronger than everyone else.

No one believed that The Big Aristotle wouldn’t respond and by later in the day, he addressed Durant’s involvement in the growing beef between the TNT personality and the Warriors’ backup center.

Shaq went on to tell KD that this beef wasn’t his to be participating in, he understands sticking up for teammates, but he still believes that Dubs big man is a ‘bum’.

No one is going to change the four-time champion’s mind on this matter and it looks like the two sides are at a stalemate for the moment.

The old guard rarely tries to see things from a fresh perspective and bristles whenever called out by current stars and that fact doesn’t show signs of changing any time soon.

In these moments against former players, the current ones very rarely come away with decisive victories.

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