Johnny Nelson surprised by David Haye's reaction during press conference with Tony Bellew

Former WBO cruiserweight champion and ‘The Gloves Are Off’ presenter Johnny Nelson has had his say on the fiery press conference which took place yesterday between bitter rivals David Haye and Tony Bellew.

Nelson, who was in attendance at yesterday’s press conference in Bellew’s hometown of Liverpool, has admitted that even he was surprised by the events that unfolded at the final press conference before they meet this Saturday at the O2 in London.

Haye reacted angrily on several occasions to comments made from Bellew, with ‘The Hayemaker’ even directing his frustrations onto members of the Liverpool crowd, who jeered him and chanted for Bellew throughout.

The first press conference between the pair saw the two boxers have to be separated after a head to head led to Haye throwing a punch at Bellew. However, Nelson believes that the tension during yesterday’s presser surpassed even that.

Writing in his column for Sky Sports, Nelson said: “David Haye was livid. He was absolutely fuming.

“I have never seen David that angry at a press conference and this one went beyond the first one when it came to words and emotions.

“OK, the Liverpool fans were always going to wind him up, but boy did he bite!

“It’s one thing going at the fighter and his team, but Haye just turned straight on the crowd.

“Haye knows that if he wants to wind Bellew up, he would have to attack his whole team; Dave Coldwell, Eddie Hearn and other people closer than that, when the microphones were not on.

“This was something else, it really was. And when they were on stage for the photos, Haye kept at it.”

Bellew called out Haye after knocking out BJ Flores last October and has since criticised his rival throughout the build up to their fight this Saturday, on everything from his training regime, to his desire to compete.

Bellew, who is the current WBC cruiserweight champion, and is moving up in weight to fight Haye at heavyweight, will give up a significant size advantage against his opponent on Saturday.

However, Nelson believes that if “Bellew’s job was to wind Haye up so he comes for a tear-up on Saturday, then has done his job. And then some.”

Nelson added that he had never seen Bellew so “calm” at a press conference before, but that perhaps Haye’s reaction to the crowd and his opponent was simply because “he is so sure he can do a job on Saturday night.”

Is Haye’s reaction at yesterday’s press conference a promising sign for Bellew? Who will come out on top this Saturday? Have YOUR say in the comments below.

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