Tony Bellew issues major warning to David Haye

Ahead of their grudge match this Saturday in London, “big, fat scouser” Tony Bellew has vowed to run through his opponent David Haye “like a steam train”.

During the final press conference ahead of their fight, which took place in Bellew’s home city of Liverpool, tensions again flared as the two continued to exchange verbal jabs at one another.

Although initially appearing calm as he blew kisses towards the jeering Liverpudlian crowd, it didn’t take Haye long to lose his cool and get drawn into another fiery exchange with his bitter rival, even directing his anger towards those in attendance.

Haye claimed that if the many noisy Bellew supporters in the crowd believed that the Liverpudlian would beat him, then they should back him by “emptying” their bank accounts before telling the audience that “deep in your minds, you know he’s getting drilled to the canvas pretty fast.”

After a seemingly angry Haye had addressed his opponent and the press conference attendees, it was time for the local boy Bellew to have his say ahead of this Saturday’s heavyweight grudge match in London.

Bellew told spectators that he was going to create a “legacy” against Haye, before claiming that he would not be competing against “an invincible, great heavyweight” on Saturday, but rather a boxer who was once an “amazing athlete”, but was now past his “prime”.

“He’s still the quickest punching heavyweight in the world, but the gas tank is very low and doesn’t last very long.” Bellew said.

“I’m expecting the very best of David Haye, but I understand it won’t be there for very long, and when the gas tank runs out this big, fat Scouser is going to run through him like a steam train. I’m not going to stop.”

Security kept the customary head-to-head between fighters during a press conference separated yesterday in an attempt to avoid any repeats of the physical melee which ensued during the pair’s first conference last year, in which Haye landed a left hook on Bellew.  

However, the segregated face-to-face didn’t stop both competitors from continuing their verbal onslaught against each other, until Haye eventually left the stage much to the delight of the rowdy Liverpudlian audience.

Bellew called out Haye after successfully defending his WBC cruiserweight title against BJ Flores last October in Liverpool, and since then, the Liverpudlian has been critical of Haye’s Miami training regime, his desire to compete, and even his ability as a father.

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