Tony Bellew is not a big fan of David Haye's vegan diet

In a recent interview with The Sun, David Haye revealed just how opposed to the notion that meat gives you strength he actually is.

For the past three years, Haye has been consuming a plant-based diet. Not only does he believe it gives him his strength, but it also helps in his recovery, too.

“I have a full-time chef and a good nutritionist who makes sure I get all the minerals and nutrients required, which isn’t easy in a plant-based diet,” Haye said.

“I feel better than ever, I look and feel younger.

“People say, ‘Where do you get your strength from?’. I say, where does an ape get his strength from?

“He’s 20 times stronger than a human and doesn’t have a meat-based diet. They eat plants all day long. It’s a myth that you need meat for strength.

“It started when I was injured and was researching the best diets to heal muscles. All roads kept leading back to a plant-based diet.”

We’re going to need more convincing than that, but each to their own.

Grudge match

Haye will be hoping that his diet helps him overcome Tony Bellew when the pair meet at the O2 Arena on Saturday night.

To say the two despise each other would be an understatement. At yesterday’s press conference, what was supposed to be a traditional face-off turned into a stand-off, with two bodyguards standing between the pair.

“I’m the younger, hungrier fighter,” Bellew told his upcoming opponent. “You are a broken man.”

“The only broken man is going to be you on the canvas,” was Haye’s response.

Bellew’s reaction to Haye’s diet

The barbs have been endless. And Bellew’s upon finding out about Haye’s diet was brilliant. Watch it below.

“F**k being a vegan,” Bellew says. “I like meat, so, you know, meat! I like steak, I love chicken.”

You get the feeling that Bellew wouldn’t swap chicken for a vegan diet even if he knew it would guarantee him a win on Saturday night.

Who will win on Saturday? Let us know in the comments section below!

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