Fan notices something really freaky about Doc and Austin Rivers vs Rockets

Los Angeles Clippers v Los Angeles Lakers

Doc Rivers and Austin Rivers are enjoying the unique opportunity of working together as not only father and son, but coach and player. 

Few can say they've shared such a rare bond together in the NBA, but the two have been making it happen on the Los Angeles Clippers for years. 

Thanks to this little coincidence, we were given an amazing moment that a fan happened to catch during the Clippers' game against the Houston Rockets. 

A call went against the Clippers while Austin was on the floor, and the camera just so happened to catch the exact moment both father and son reacted to the whistle. 

Some how, some way, the duo was perfectly in sync. It's astonishing to watch the clip at first, then it quickly becomes mesmerizing how amazing their reactions are together. Here it is, in all of its glory:

You couldn't write a better script, and this may be one of the most amazing "like father, like son" moments in sports history.

They both lean in, animating their disbelief to the referees. They both turn around before blowing up even further at the exact same time, and both have the same frantic energy as they storm the other way. 

Rivers has been solid for the Clippers this season, shooting a career-high 39 percent from three-point range while putting up the best numbers of his career. Apparently his Dad's tendency to put on a show on the sidelines has also rubbed off on him during that process.

What's you favorite father-son moment in professional sports? Let us know in the comments!

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