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PlayStation 5: Sony Reveals Insane Sales Numbers Per Minute
- PlayStation 5 is undoubtedly among the hottest pieces of gaming technology and as per the manufacturer, the PlayStation 5 has sold… Read More
PlayStation 5: Man victim of cruel Christmas Day prank involving console
- A man who was hoping to be gifted a PlayStation 5 for Christmas was, instead, on the end of a brutal prank executed… Read More
PlayStation 5: The 25 best games of 2021, featuring F1, Crash Bandicoot & Tony Hawk's
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PlayStation 5: Husband loses console after wife finds out how he paid for it
- Since the release of the Sony PlayStation 5 in November 2020, anyone who has put any sort of effort in trying to get… Read More
PlayStation 5: Teenage scalper made nearly $2 million reselling consoles
- When it comes to game consoles, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are a very lucrative find. The pair have been… Read More
The PS5 has been difficult to get hold of since its release in 2020.
Latest PlayStation 5 console weighs less than launch model
- An all-new version of the PlayStation 5 is set to be launched that differs from the original edition that launched last year. Sony’s… Read More
PlayStation 5: 16-year-old scalper made nearly $2 million reselling consoles and Pokémon cards
- Thanks to the pandemic, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles have been like gold dust ever since their release in November last year. But amidst… Read More
PlayStation 5: Guy buys his friend PS5 after he struggled to get one
- Even before the pandemic, gaming was big business. A very big business. The industry generated $119.6 billion in revenue during… Read More
Grand Theft Auto: How much will GTA 5 cost on PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X?
- A hike in the price of software is something gamers have come to expect each time a new wave of consoles is released. The PlayStation 5… Read More
PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X: PS5 outsold rival by more than double in Q1 2021
- Sony PlayStation’s next-gen model the PS5 has outsold its Microsoft competitors the Xbox Series X and S by more than double during the first quarter… Read More
Resident Evil Village will be receiving a patch for PlayStation 5
Resident Evil Village: Update 1.02 Patch Notes Announced for PlayStation 5
- Resident Evil Village is already receiving a new update, but it is only concerning PlayStation 5 players. Capcom’s latest instalment to the successful… Read More
PlayStation 5: Fan had to sell his PS5 after lying to his wife
- Last November, the world was introduced to a new gold rush. Gamers fought tooth and nail to get their hands on Sony’s latest offering… the PlayStation… Read More