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F1 22 Car on the track
F1 22 Update 1.11: Everything we know so far
- The next update to be released into F1 2022 will be 1.11. Here’s everything we know so far about… Read More
Inside an F1 Car in F1 22
F1 22 Update 1.10: Release date, patch notes & more
- The F1 22 Update 1.10 has now been released! Here we have the official release date, the patch notes and everything else you… Read More
F1 22 Car on track
F1 22 Update 1.09: Patch notes & everything you need to know
- The F1 22 Update 1.09 is out now – here are the patch notes and everything you need to… Read More
F1 22 game: VR footage is absolutely stunning
- The new Formula 1 game has been out for just over a month and in that time we have seen some… Read More
Car racing in F1 22
F1 22 Update 1.08: Patch notes & everything else you need to know
- The F1 22 update 1.08 is out now – here’s everything we know about it. Fans are currently loving F1… Read More
F1 22 Patch Notes
F1 22 Update 1.07: Patch notes & everything you need to know
- F1 22 update 1.07 is here! Here we have all the patch notes for you and everything else you… Read More
Red Bull Racing's Max Verstappenin F1 22.
F1 22 Jeddah Setup: Fastest Custom Preset Found
- The best F1 22: Jeddah setup to get you flying around those highspeed corners. This time we bring you… Read More
Ferrari's Charles Leclerc in F1 22.
F1 22 Bahrain setup: Quickest custom preset revealed
- The best Bahrain setup to get you straight on the podium in F1 22.  With all the customisable options in EA… Read More
F1 22: Patch notes 1.0.6
F1 22 Update 1.06: Everything we know so far
- F1 22 has been out for a few weeks, and while the gaming community is enjoying it,… Read More
F1 22 review as EA bring new era of Formula 1 to life
- The new F1 22 game launches this week and here at GiveMeSport we’ve been lucky enough to take it for a spin ahead of its… Read More
F1 2022 screenshot
F1 2022: Will F1 22 support VR?
- F1 2022 is set to come out later this year and there have been plenty of features revealed so far ahead of the July… Read More
F1 22 world reveal screenshot.
EA unveil F1 22 with July 2022 launch
- The developers of F1 22 have flaunted their attempt of taking the sport of Formula 1 into… Read More