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Michael Shawn Hickenbottom, better known under the ring name Shawn Michaels, is an American retired professional wrestler, actor, and television presenter. The 55-year-old is regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers in the history of the sport; the entertainment he provided for WWE fans across the world was unprecedented and endured huge amounts of success throughout his career.

With nicknames such as ‘Mr WrestleMania’, it’s clear to see just how successful Michaels was. The American has headlined several pay-per-view events for the WWF/WWE since his debut back in 1988 and left a legacy behind when he entered the ring for the final time in 2018. 

It’s evident that Michaels’ net worth has certainly skyrocketed throughout the years; with himself to thank for his dedication and wrestling ability. Michaels was a natural performer inside the ring and his collection of championships over his career exemplified that.

Overall, Michaels is a one-time World Heavyweight Champion, three-time WWF World Heavyweight Champion, three-time WWF Intercontinental Champion and one-time WWF European Champion. Michaels has won several ‘Match of the Year’ awards over the years – most notably his bouts with the likes of The Undertaker’ at WrestleMania – and has also endured success when partnered up. 

Michaels is a five-time WWF/World Tag Team Champion – with Triple H, John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Diesel twice – while winning the WWE Tag Team Championship once alongside Triple H. Michaels won both the 1995 and 1996 Royal Rumble, with 15 Slammy Awards to his name. 





What is Shawn Michaels’ entrance theme song?

Sexy Boy (Theme Song) 

What are Shawn Michaels’ finishing moves?  

Sweet Chin Music
Teardrop Suplex
Spike piledriver 

Who is Shawn Michaels married to?  

Rebecca Curci

Where can I find Shawn Michaels on social media? 

You can follow the wrestling star on both Instagram and Twitter

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