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PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X: PS5 outsold rival by more than double in Q1 2021
- Sony PlayStation’s next-gen model the PS5 has outsold its Microsoft competitors the Xbox Series X and S by more than double during the first quarter… Read More
Resident Evil Village will be receiving a patch for PlayStation 5
Resident Evil Village: Update 1.02 Patch Notes Announced for PlayStation 5
- Resident Evil Village is already receiving a new update, but it is only concerning PlayStation 5 players. Capcom’s latest instalment to the successful… Read More
PlayStation 5: Fan had to sell his PS5 after lying to his wife
- Last November, the world was introduced to a new gold rush. Gamers fought tooth and nail to get their hands on Sony’s latest offering… the PlayStation… Read More
GTA 5 is going to be released for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S with various graphical enhancements
GTA 5: PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S Upgrades Announced
- GTA 5 and GTA Online will be treated to exclusive next-generation upgrades as Rockstar Games prepares to take its most successful title to… Read More
PlayStation 5: Scalping site claims to have sold incredible number of consoles
- Like many of you, your writer is yet to purchase a Sony PlayStation 5. The console never appears to be in stock; the… Read More
PlayStation 5 controllers: Sony release two new DualSense colours
- PlayStation gamers will be thrilled to hear the news that two new colours for Sony’s DuelSense wireless controllers have been announced. The DuelSense controllers, which… Read More
PlayStation 5: Sony working on PS5 redesign
- The new PlayStation 5 has had a troubled start to life, it’s safe to say. With the Coronavirus pandemic affecting supply, and the global shortages… Read More
PlayStation 5: PS5 already outsold PS Vita, Nintendo Wii U & SEGA Dreamcast in UK
- Who says the United Kingdom is facing an economic crisis? After all, a brief glance at the sales for PlayStation 5 will tell you otherwise. Read More
PlayStation 5: What are the best games?
- The PS5 is still a baby and we’ve already got ourselves a compilation of GOAT contenders, according to their Metacritic scores anyway. Read More
PlayStation 5 scalpers: 18-year-old claims to have made £10,000
- It may seem like a few years ago now, but there was a time that some US stores were offering toilet paper for $10 a… Read More
PlayStation 5: Stock almost certainly affected by stuck Suez Canal ship
- The Suez Canal debacle, a situation in which a cargo-delivering ship the size of the Empire State Building lodged itself sideways in the canal, thus… Read More
PlayStation 5: Owner sells his PS5 to buy classic Nintendo 64 collection
- For many of us, getting hold of a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox series S/X has been like leaving your mask on the dining room… Read More