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The Story Of Data Analytics

We trace the beginning of data analytics in sport, Starting with Bill James and the development of sabermetrics in baseball and how the sporting world has become reliant on the use of data.

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Football is evolving. How players are recruited in this multi-million-pound business is now heavily steeped in data. We look at how the "old school" is adapting to the "new school" of data analytics and discuss the clash of these two different methodologies.

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Injury Prevention

Technology is at the forefront of data analytics growth in elite level sport. We explore the growing use of technology such as Prozone and wearable tech such as Catapult - what do these innovations allow athletes to do and what is the future of tech.


Forefront Of Analysis

As technology becomes a mainstay in sport, man and machine working in harmony is essential to success. We showcase two areas that are at the forefront of harnessing data to allow man and machine to work as one.


England Rugby

Sir Clive Woodward transformed the English national team from a promising group to world beaters for the 2003 World Cup. Data was key to this. We talk in depth with Sir Clive and host an exclusive gathering of players from the 2003 Final as they discuss his methods and how they lead to their winning ways.

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England Cricket

England's crushing defeat at the 2015 World Cup was publicly blamed on over usage of data analytics. We speak to former head coach Peter Moores to establish what happened. Was data to blame, where does data belong in the game and is it a term the press enjoy latching onto for a story when failures occur.

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Data Analytics In Football

What made Billy Beane's achievement with the Oakland A's so startling was the financial disparity between the A's and their more well-known competitors. The same can be said for Sam Allardyce's Bolton team from the 2000's. We hear how these two managers used data analysis to revolutionise their respective sports and 'overperform the wagebill' to success.

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Mind Over Data

Jackson's MMA is the most successful fight gym in the history of mixed martial arts. It is home to two of the most innovative and forward thinking coaches in the sport; Mike Winklejohn and Greg Jackson. In this episode, we look at the use of data in fight planning and execution as well as a tool for overcoming the human intangibles which has lead to the development of champions such as Holly Holm and Jon Jones.

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How Fast, How Strong, How Long?

Can data not only give us an indication of the limits of human performance, can it help push us past those limits? We see how the use of data analytics has enabled us to surpass our limits and allow athletes to achieve performances previously thought impossible.

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